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YOGING Frozen Yogurt Bar Featured


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Name: Yoging Ltd.

Yoging Frozen Yogurt Bars is a new and totally fresh concept in Frozen Yogurt. Originating in Canada,  Yoging offers a whole new trend in the international Food & Beverage area that has come to change the scene. Beyond the premium quality of its products and the invigorating atmosphere, Yoging represents a lifestyle and a complete experience that guarantees loyal long-term “yogers”. Based on the “win-win” principle, Yoging has developed a franchise system of low initial investment, high efficiency and steady profitability. With competitive pricing and strong infrastructure, Yoging Franchise provides all the tools for enduring viability and success, including geographic exclusivity, economical set-up and machinery, architectural plans and sophisticated MIS, coupled with a sound marketing strategy, continually enriched product range and all-around training and support.  

Company Owned: 1
Franchised: 6
SiS/Corner: 0
International: 1
Total Stores: 8

Currently present in: Canada
Development Plan: Worldwide, Middle East, Russia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Albania, Croatia, Lebanon

Start Date: 2011

Franchise Creation Date: 2012

Origin: Canada 

Member Of Franchise Association:                   delete 16x16 

Target Group: Start YOGING ... become a YOGER

Customer Profile:

Our journey began in Toronto, Canada, growing up into a family of food connoisseurs. Luckily we were privileged to travel the world and acquire our own tastes for things we love like culture, community, music, and clear sunny skies to name a few. These discoveries recently led us back to our roots in Greece, where we’ve begun to build a life full of those daily pleasures. Upon our settling here there was however one very important thing we were missing… Some real frozen yogurt!
For us frozen yogurt has become a part of our life, always acting as a reminder to sit back and treat ourselves once in a while. We are the kind of people who care about living life to the fullest, just as much as we care about pleasing our bodies and our taste buds too. Frozen yogurt does it all!
So we partnered with a Canadian company specializing in entertainment and hospitality www.bypeterandpauls.com, teamed up with some like minded people, and together we created yoging bars. Now everyone can experience their own blissful moments!


Franchise Package

Market Research:                tick-icon
Profit & Loss Analysis:        tick-icon
Store Research:                  delete 16x16
Store Evaluation:                 tick-icon
Architectural Design:          tick-icon
FranchiseeTraining:             tick-icon
Personnel Training:      tick-icon
Manuals:                       delete 16x16
Self Employment:         delete 16x16                       
Area Exclusiveness:     tick-icon
Contract Duration: 9

Financial Data

Average Store Size: 60-80 m2

Entry Fee:12 000€

Construction :~20 000€

Equipment :~30 000€

Initial Merchantize:

Working Capital:

Total Investment:60 000 - 80 000 €

Royalties: 0%

Marketing / Adv. Fees:1,5%

Monthly / Yearly / Periodical fee:500 € per month

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